Staff members are expected to act based on our core values - Humble, Hungry, and People Skills. All staff members occupy a leadership role within the KAT community and as such are expected to lead by example. Ways to do this include:

  • Honing Your Skill: Staff members should be pursuing their own throwing development on regular basis.

  • Caring First: The first priority for all staff members is to take care of the guests. This means checking in with them and doing everything in our power to make sure that their booking is the best part of their day.

  • Names: A person’s name is the most important word in their vocabulary. Staff should try their best to get to know the names of every guest in their booking. If you do not know someone it is your responsibility to be proactive and meet them.

  • Complaint Free Team: we are trying to create a complaint free team with all staff members at KAT. Complaining is negative for those around you and puts your focus on the negative instead of positive.

  • Gossip Free Team: Gossip directly detracts from building trusting relationships and the type of culture we are trying to create. It is harmful to those you are gossiping about and those you are gossiping with.


General Conduct: As a representative of KAT, staff members are expected to act accordingly. Whether you are inside or outside the facility, you are expected to act in a manner that represents our core values. Other points of conduct include abiding by our staff policy and responding to all work-related posts and messages within 24 hours. Staff may have relationships with other staff members, but they should not interfere with work.
All staff members are assigned a schedule. Hours are subject to change and may be cancelled at any time. Switching hours may also be done any time as long as the admin staff is aware and has updated the schedule.
Attire: You will be given two KAT t-shirts. You must wear a KAT t-shirt when you are scheduled to work. You will be provided with two shirts. No sweats pants or joggers. You must wear closed-toed foot wear.
Phone: No cell phones during your shift. In the event of an emergency or you need to contact a manger or a guest, you can use the facility phone.
Communication: we use the staff Facebook group and messenger to communicate with staff (our expectation is that you see posts within 24 hours). Thee group is primarily used for communicating staff notes, weekly schedule and socials. The messenger is used for day-today questions and last minute schedule updates.
Vacation Pay: all staff members are eligible for vacation pay. A set amount is taken from monthly payroll and is available on request for vacation time.
Meetings and Special Events: All staff members are expected to attend schedule meetings that are unpaid. In addition to meetings, staff members are expected to attend special events that include (but are not limited to) staff socials.
Reception Desk Policies: the KAT reception desk is a shared space for judging staff. It is not meant to be a social space. Staff members are allowed to leave jackets and backpacks behind the reception desk.
Booking Discount: You will be given a 15% discount on every axe throwing booking you would like to organize. This only applies to parties that you are participating in. If you participate, you will not pay for your participation.
Retail Discount: All other retail purchases with be at cost. This includes all merchandise, food and drinks. Discounts on food and drink purchases only apply to small quantities. Large quantity purchases may not be discounted and will be determined by the manger.


Guest Support: The primary responsibility of a judge is to take care of the guests in their booking. This means greeting everyone by name and making them feel welcome, being available to help guests with questions, and actively seeking opportunities to improve guests time at our facility.
Tasks: The judging tasks you are responsible for include, but are not limited to: socializing, instructing, financial management, bartending, cleaning, opening and closing the facility.
Pay Rates: You will start at $14/hour. At the managers discretion, you may be eligible for a pay raise based on performance and attendance. You are entitled to all tips received by your guests. You will receive your tips on a monthly basis through payroll. Tips are equally distributed between overlapping bookings. Details will be outlined in the on-boarding process. Hourly payments and tip out will be made via cheque on the 1st week of every month (this system is subject to change).
Bookings: Judges are expected to arrive to their assigned booking 20 minutes prior to the start time. The 20 minutes prior is for the opening duties. Once your opening duties are complete, and if your guests have already arrived, it is expected on the floor socializing with your guests.
Food: You are not allowed to eat while instructing an axe throwing booking. The only exception is when the tournament is complete and a guest offers you food. You are allowed to consume non-alcoholic beverages while working.
Illness, Vacation and Leave:
If ill, provide the admin team member with notice as soon as possible. If you are scheduled for a shift and you unable to arrive, it is your responsibility to organize a team member to cover your shift. If no one can cover your shift, you are still responsible for arriving to work. If going away for any other reason, you must provide a 2-week notice to our admin (scheduling) staff.
Hour Changes:
If a situation arises where your scheduled booking participants do not arrive, you will still be compensated for the time you have been at the facility. If your booking gets canceled within 24 hours prior to the start time, you will not be compensated.

It is important to note that staff polices and compensation can be updated or changed at any time