Hungry people are always looking for more. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility to take on. Hungry people almost never have to be pushed to work harder because they are self-motivated and diligent. They are constantly thinking about the next step and the next opportunity. And they loathe the idea that they might be perceived as slackers.

Hunger does not mean work should dominate your life. It is the healthy kind - a manageable and sustainable commitment to doing a job well and going above and beyond when the opportunity presents itself.

For hunger, we are looking for five things:

  1. Passion for the Mission: Hungry team members have a sense of personal responsibility for the overall success of the team. Hungry team members believe in what we are doing and understand the impact it can have on the people involved. Hungry team members understand that they are contributing to something larger than themselves and through their work are helping others.

  2. Lead from the Front: Hungry team members lead from the front. They are consistent with their words and actions inside and outside the workplace. They have a desire to improve everyday, expect more of themselves than they would of the people around them, and are trying to pursue excellence in all areas of their life (fitness, relationships, work, etc.). Hungry team members understand that actions speak louder than words, and are aware of the impact of leading by example.

  3. Work Ethic: Hungry team members have an abnormal work ethic. They are always looking to do more, learn more, take on more responsibility, and do whatever it takes to deliver results for the team. They are self-motivated and love to be at work. Hungry team members work hard, are willing to stay beyond hours, and take on tedious or challenging tasks. Hungry team members have a fear of being labeled a slacker.

  4. Initiative and Going Beyond: Hungry team members do not wait to be told what to do. They take on projects, complete them, and then take them a few steps further. Hungry team members are always thinking about the next step and next opportunity. They rarely need to be motivated to complete tasks, instead they take initiative and go beyond the minimum. When tackling a project, hungry team members look to go beyond the requirements. Hungry team members take pride in problem solving and look for opportunities to come up with the question/idea and the solution/product.

  5. Growth Minded: Win or learn. Hungry team members are growth minded. They view every situation as an opportunity to learn and improve. For the hungry team members, there are no such thing as setbacks. Everything that happens is a chance to learn and get better. Hungry team members understand the value of education, and seek out opportunities to educate themselves.

As a self-assessment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you believe that what we are doing can have a life changing impact on the people involved?

  • Do you lead from the front in tangible ways (the way you talk, act, and treat those around you)?

  • Do you love to work hard? Are you afraid of others seeing you as a slacker?

  • When taking on a task, do you complete what it asked? Or do you constantly look for opportunities to go beyond?

  • Do you believe that people attitude, abilities, and skills are fixed? OR do you believe that anything can be developed through consistent, intentional, practice? Do you think of setbacks as opportunities or obstacles?