If you have open transactions that you need to manually enter, from talech you would select the transaction, select “Credit”, then select “Pay” and complete the transaction on the terminal.

To complete a manually entered transaction on the terminal you would type the card number when prompted to insert a card, then press the green key.

You will then need to type the 4-digit expiration date, then press the green key once again.

If your transactions have been completed on your talech register but the payment has not been captured on the terminal, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Press F1 to switch your terminal to standalone mode
  2. Press F1 to select Yes
  3. Press 1 to select SALE
  4. Type the sale amount, then press the green key
  5. Type the full card number, then press the green key
  6. Type the 4-digit expiration date, then press the green key
  7. Once you are finished manually entering transactions, you will need to turn your terminal back to semi-integrated mode to resume communication with Talech.

To enable semi-integrated mode, press F1.

If you’re unsure if you’ve successfully enabled semi-integration, try pressing number 1 from the home screen.

  • If your terminal is on standalone mode: you will be prompted to complete a sale
  • If your terminal is on semi-integrated mode: your screen will briefly flash, but the home screen message will not change