All of our party and event bookings are organized through email. If you would like to book a party or event, please fill out the form below.

Pricing details can be found here.

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We require a specific dates and times to process your request. Please provide a three possible dates and times that would work for you by following this format: [DAY OF WEEK, MONTH, DAY, TIME]. For example: Monday, September, 6th, 7pm.
Please note, due to lane availability and staffing purposes, we have minimum fees for booking sizes: You are welcome to book for less than 6 people. We do have a minimum fee of 6 people. If you book 16-25 people, and less than 16 arrive, you will be charged a minimum of 16 people. If you book 26-35 people, and less than 26 show up, you will be charged a minimum of 26 people. If you book 36-45 people, and less than 36 show up, you will be charged a minimum of 36 people.
We offer a complimentary alcohol and non-alcohol pre-order service. Alcohol that can be pre-ordered is limited to beer, cider, wine and coolers. The bill will be added to the final invoice. There are no-refunds and unfinished alcohol can not leave our facility.
I have read and understand that there is a minimum fee of $180 +HST for my party. *
Price per person breakdown is $30+HST.
Please reference our FAQ prior to submitting a question.