Humble, Hungry, and People Smart. These values are the core of our staff culture, they drive our hiring process and staff expectations. The CFQS staff structure is based around coaches, admin, and managers. Coaches are responsible for taking care of the athletes in their charge, admin play a supportive role for the athletes and coaches during their shift times, and managers are responsible for supporting the coaching/admin staff. The management team is responsible for overseeing various aspects of our operations:

·       Sean: Coaches Development and Facility Maintenance.

·       Rachael: Business Management, Events, and Branding.

·       Callum & Storm: Vision Tracking, Programming, Staff Management, and Education/Challenges.

The first priority for staff members is to cultivate a positive environment which supports the athletes and community at CFQS. This means leading by example, and living with integrity. As leaders of the community, staff members are responsible for embodying the ideals we are trying to promote (Humble, Hungry, and People Smart), and are expected to do the right thing. Leading by example and living with integrity create an environment of respect and trust. Through strong relationships based on respect and trust we can help athletes make positive changes to improve their lives.