This page will provide you step by step instructions on how to process transactions, create/void/merge/split tabs, and issue refunds/receipts on the POS system.

Processing a transaction

Transactions 1.PNG
Transactions 3.PNG
Transaction 5.PNG
Transaction 7.PNG
Transactions 9.PNG
Transactions 11.PNG
Transactions 2.PNG
Transaction 4.PNG
Transactions 6.PNG
Transactions 9.PNG
Transactions 10.PNG


Discount 1.png
Discount 3.PNG
Discount 2.PNG
Discount 4.PNG

Creating Tabs

Tab 1.PNG
Tab 3.PNG
Tab 5.PNG
Tab 2.PNG
Tab 4.PNG
Tab 6.PNG

Voiding and assigning Tabs

Tab 4.PNG
Tab Void 2.PNG
Tab Void 1.PNG
Tab Void 4.PNG
Tab Void 3.PNG
Tab 6.PNG
Tab Void 7.PNG
Tab Void 5.PNG
Tab Void 6.PNG
Tab Void 8.PNG

Merging and Splitting Tabs

Tab Merge 1.PNG
Tab Split 1.PNG
Tab Split 3.PNG
Tab Split 5.PNG
Tab Merge 2.PNG
Tab Split 2.PNG
Tab Split 4.PNG
Tab Split 6.PNG

Issuing a Refund

Refund 1.jpeg
Refund 3.PNG
Refund 5.PNG
Refund 7.PNG
Refund 2.PNG
Refund 4.PNG
Refund 6.PNG

Reprinting a Receipt

Refund 2.PNG
Receipt 2.PNG
Receipt 1.PNG