Location and Facilities

Where is your facility located?

We are located at 785 Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard, Unit 7J. Kingston, Ontario. Our location can be found on Google maps here.

What entrance do I use to get to your facility?

Our main entrance is located on Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard. If you are heading north on Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard, our driveway will be located on your right hand side, halfway down between Princess Street and John Counter Boulevard.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Guests who have physical limitations or disabilities can still be instructed for axe throwing. It is a highly accessible sport and recreational activity.

Is your facility air conditioned?

Yes. Our facility is set to 69F/20C during the summer months.

Is there parking available at your facility?

Yes, feel free to park in the lot on the West side of the building.