Will you provide axes?

Yes. We will have standard tournament axes for you to use.

Can I still participate in the league if I am gone for multiple weeks?

Yes. If you know the dates that you will be away, please inform our team during the sign-up process.

Can I play if I have never done axe throwing before?

Yes, the tournament is open to all ability levels. We will give everyone 15-20 minutes to practice throwing prior to starting. Our staff will be available to provide coaching.

Can I join the league by myself?

Yes. This is not a team format. It is for individual players.

Do you have a minimum age requirement to participate in the league?

No. However, all participants must be strong enough to throw the axe in a safe manner. If our staff determine you are not capable of throwing in a safe manner, you will not be able to participate in the league.

Can I bring my friends/family to watch me play?

No. Due to our building capacity limit, we are unable to allow non-participants to spectate league play.

What is the format of your league?

Please refer to this video that outlines our league format.