Parties and events

Our party and event hosting is a great environment for birthday celebrations, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, as well as family and friend gatherings. We encourage our guests to inquire about special requests to ensure your party is tailored for you. Our priority is to ensure that your entertainment is effortless and memorable.

Booking Essentials


Booking Amenities


*For a list of beverages and snacks that we offer at our facility, please refer to our menu.

Booking Timeline


Lane Assignments

Your event size will determine your lane allocation and event duration. We also have minimum lane fees. Please reference the content below. 

Important note: If you book 16-25 people, and less than 16 arrive, you will be charged a minimum of 16 people. If you book 26-35 people, and less than 26 show up, you will be charged a minimum of 26 people. If you book 36-45 people, and less than 36 show up, you will be charged a minimum of 36 people.


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